My experience with Kratom for treating Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

Subject: 52 year old male with family history of hereditary hypertension/high blood pressure, which can eventually lead to kidney failure, stroke and heart attack.

In recent news, DEA wants to make Kratom schedule 1. Same level as Heroin and LSD. They are ‘being told’ people are just getting high from it, and that it’s dangerous to the public.

I found out about Kratom when I was doing research about Hypertension/High blood pressure. I was looking for an alternative supplement to control my hereditary hypertension. I have been on different types of BP meds for the past 11 years. They do not work for me. Too many negative side effects and most gave me a lot of anxiety and raised my blood pressure even more. I am self-employed and I have no health insurance. Doctor appointments every other month at $350.00 a visit (price 10 years ago) now $500.00 a visit for 10 minutes.

As I did internet searches for information, I used keywords like ‘lower blood pressure’ and ‘Alternative hypertension supplements’.
I came across a discussion forum where people were talking about Kratom. This was the first time I heard of Kratom.
Someone made a comment “I had to adjust my dose of Kratom because it made my blood pressure go to low”. This caught my attention.

I did more searches using words like ‘makes my blood pressure too low” or ‘lowers blood pressure’. I found more people making comments about Kratom making their blood pressure too low.
Now I began researching Kratom. I am finding most people use it for pain management. And Kratom has been used to relieve anxiety and depression. Both of which are connected to hypertension symptoms (at least it does with me). I am also finding that people have used Kratom to relieve opiate withdrawal symptoms.

My only interest is how it lowers blood pressure.

Now I want to try Kratom to see how it works for me. I find many websites selling it. I am now wondering if it is legal. I find that in my state (Arizona) there are no laws against it.

This is a list of states in the US that currently ban Kratom: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin.

After much research on Kratom, I finally buy some. There are different strains of Kratom that have different effects. I am trying to find the strain that lowers blood pressure. After two years of experimenting with different strains and dosages, I have found a strain and dose that works for me.

There are three strains of Kratom. Red, green and white. White and green Kratom strains have a stimulant effect. I have found the best strain for lowering blood pressure levels are the Red strains. In particular, Red Bali. Everyone is different so you have to experiment to see how each strain works best for you.

I stopped taking prescription BP drugs two years ago. My BP readings averaged 145/95 on an average. Usually higher in the mornings. Flushed face, headaches. Depression and anxiety worrying about what it might do to me.

For the past year, my BP numbers have been from 117/65 to 125/78. I have not had to see a doctor in over a year, except for routine lipid panel labs. With regular exercise, controlled diet and Kratom, I am managing my blood pressure on my own. I feel better, think and work better.

Here’s an overview of common hypertension medication I took compared to Kratom:
Source:  Here are just two of 5 BP meds I took. Notice how many, and how long, the list of side effects are of these drugs.

UPDATE January 8, 2019: Losartan Recall Expanded for Cancer-Causing Impurity . Losartan is a generic version of the blood pressure medication Cozaar.

Kratom has given me ZERO side effects. There is no up and down feeling, no drowsiness. You do not feel stoned or intoxicated in any way. There is no feeling of being impaired. I have run out several times. No withdrawal effects. I have wanted to tell everyone with hypertension about Kratom. But I also did not want to bring too much attention to it, fearing authorities would notice, and ban it.

The way they are doing now.

Like many others will attest to, Kratom is saving my life. I am only one person, but I am part of a large segment of society that fully supports keeping this organic plant legal and safe to use for adults. If you use Kratom or not, please join us in this fight.  #iamkratom

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16 thoughts on “My experience with Kratom for treating Hypertension/High Blood Pressure

    1. Red strains relax you more. Greens and whites are more of a stimulant, good for energy.
      Right now the best I have found is Red Bali, or Red Bali Supreme.


  1. This is EXACTLY my story. I just received my first package of kratom. I bought 4 25mg packs of different kinds. At your suggestion above, I will be using the Red Bali. What dosage do you use daily and do you find you need to take a second/third dose throughout the day? I have been taking Rx med so long I’m conditioned to taking them in the am and being done. How has your regimen changed and did you wean yourself off as directed or just switched?

    I realize that is a lot of questions….


  2. Kratom contains alkaloids that are able to help regulate the amount of insulin and glucose in the blood, effectively preventing the dangerous peaks and troughs that diabetics face. It is natural stimulant utilized for improving physical performance.


  3. Can you tell me what brand you use to lower your bp? I’ve been using kratom for the past 2 years but it has caused my blood pressure to go way up. I would like to try a different strain and see if it helps to bring it down. I will try the red bali. but where do u get yours from or can u link the site here. thank you


  4. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I found that Red Maeng Da has completely stopped all my pain. I am amazed.
    I add red Bali to help lower my bp & it works great. I have found lower doses work better for me.
    I have side effects to most all drugs.
    I have no side effects and never have a high or any withdrawal.
    I take 1 GM of Maeang Da with grapefruit juice. No food for 1 hour and 1 red Bali 1/2 gm.
    Big Pharma is trying to take kratom off the market so they can sell it and make money from it.
    Our representatives in DC have been bought & paid for by Big Pharma.


    1. Diana-
      how do you measure the grams? Weight? Volume?
      What is 1gram in terms of teaspoons or ounces?
      I have no idea how to measure the loose powder i have.
      Any help is greatly appreciated 🙏🏼☮️


  5. Thank you for posting this. I’m wondering, years later, whether it is still effectively controlling your hypertension? I am on 4 different prescription medication for hypertension now, without good control, like you related, the stress of wondering when it will “get me” makes it worse. I’m researching kratom; read several folks stating it raised bp, which was alarming! I cannot use cannabis, though CBD from hemp (extract, no THC) was slightly beneficial. I do also, like one of the other commenters, have fibromyalgia which causes severe pain and stress/tension, so hoping kratom could be a miracle plant. Here’s hoping that it continues to be both legal and freely available.


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